Reigning in Magic

Some of the feedback I’ve been getting suggests that Dungeon Masters are not totally comfortable with the number of signature spells that come bundled with a magic-user stunt, deeming them overly generous. That’s fine and probably a fair assessment.

A simple remedy is to suggest that each mage stunt allows the player to have access to three spells at first with the option of adding extra spells to that list becoming available at minor milestones, provided they find material or training that would explain their new-found accomplishment. If a player wants the complete roster to go with that stunt he can always take it twice, e.g. Conjurer X 2 or pick up the Dabbler in Magic stunt. Either way, the system is still more playable than what’s described in the Freeport Companion.

It is of course not too late to have players edit their stunt lists and conform to the suggestions above if you’re a couple of sessions into your campaign. Fate is very forgiving when it comes to tweaking and rewriting stuff in the early stages.