Study III: The Ankheg


Aspects: Crushing Mandibles; Huge Burrowing Insect;  Natural Light Armour; Soft Pink Underside

Professions: Good (+3) Acrobat, Marksman, Warrior; Fair (+2) Brute, Survivalist

Stunts: Acidic Vomit – Once per session, the ankheg can projectile vomit a stream of acidic enzymes from it’s stomach at any being in it’s current or adjacent zone. This counts as a +5 Marksman attack doing an additional 2 shifts of acid damage. If successful the victim may be instantly compelled by the aspect Corrosive Acid to lose a free invocation on a piece of armour or suffer an additional shift of acid damage on it’s next turn.

Sensitive Antennae – While Lurking Below Ground, the ankheg gains a +2 when launching a surprise attack against any creatures moving above on foot.

Melee Attack: Mandibles (+3 Warrior), +1 Acid dmg
Physical Defence: Chitinous Shell (+3 Acrobat)
Physical Stress: ❏❏❏

The ankheg is a burrowing monster usually found in forests or choice agricultural land. Because of its fondness for fresh meat, the ankheg is a threat to any creature unfortunate enough to encounter it.

The ankheg resembles an enormous many-legged worm. Its six legs end in sharp hooks suitable for burrowing and grasping, and its powerful mandibles are capable of snapping a small tree in half with a single bite. A tough chitinous shell, usually brown or yellow, covers its entire body except for its soft pink belly. The ankheg has glistening black eyes, a small mouth lined with tiny rows of chitinous teeth, and two sensitive antennae that can detect movement of man-sized creatures up to 300 feet away.

The ankheg uses its mandibles to continuously dig winding tunnels 30-40 feet deep in the rich soil of forests or farmlands. The hollowed end of a tunnel serves as a temporary lair for sleeping, eating, or hibernating. When an ankheg exhausts the food supply in a particular forest or field, it moves on to another.