Study V: The Air Elemental


-Air Elemental-

Aspects: Elemental Outlander; Gaseous Form; Gone With The Wind

Professions: Superb (+5) Acrobat; Good (+3) Brute, Warrior; Fair (+2) Mystic

Stunts: Buffet – The air elemental may attack up to two nearby creatures as one target during an exchange without having to divide any shifts.

Special Immunity – Air elementals are considered to be immune to poison.

Special Resistance – Air elementals gain a +2 when defending against the following damage types: lightning, thunder; bludgeoning, piercing and slashing from non-magical weapons.

Whirlwind – At the cost of a fate point the air elemental may unleash a ferocious gale that bowls over everything in it’s path; This counts as an attack action +2 against every creature in it’s zone, doing an additional 2 shifts bludgeoning damage and each one that fails to defend acquires the aspect Bowled Over. On a success with style the creature is considered to have been flung against a nearby obstacle, suffering an additional shift of damage.

Melee Attack: Slam (+3 Warrior), bludgeoning dmg
Physical Defence: Moving Currents (+5 Acrobat)
Physical Stress: ❏❏❏ +1 mild physical consequence
Mental Stress: ❏❏❏

An air elemental is a funneling cloud of whirling air with a vague semblance of a face. It can turn itself into a screaming cyclone, creating a whirlwind that batters creatures even as it flings them away. They rarely speak, but their strange auran language can be heard in the high-pitched shriek of a tornado or the low moan of a midnight storm.