Study VI: The Aratha

-Aratha (“Killer Beetle”)-

Aspects: Hunted To Extinction, Mind-Bending Psionics, Natural Light Armour, Sensitive To Vibrations, Tireless Hunter

Professions: Great (+4) Brute; Good (+3) Acrobat, Mystic, Survivalist, Warrior

Stunts: Clawed Tentacles (Warrior) – The killer beetle gains a +2 whenever it attempts to Grasp and Hold prey in it’s retractable front-mounted tentacles.

Psionic Blast (Mystic) – At the cost of a fate point the killer beetle projects a devastating blast of mental energy that ripples through the air, attacking every creature in it’s immediate zone with a +2. Any being that fails to defend acquires the aspect Stunned. Overcoming this aspect is a Good (+3) Mystic action. Increase the difficulty by 2 if the aratha succeeded with style.

Multi-Attack – The killer beetle may attack up to four opponents as one target in an exchange without having to divide shifts

Silent and Deadly The aratha gains a +2 when silently stalking prey or creating a Surprised aspect.

Special Immunity Arathas are considered to be immune to magical aspects like Petrification and all fire damage .

Melee Attack: Pincers and Mandibles (+3 Warrior), piercing dmg
Physical Defence: Chitinous Shell (+4 Brute)
Physical Stress: ❏❏❏❏ +1 mild physical consequence
Mental Stress: ❏❏❏ +1 mild mental consequence

The aratha, or “killer beetle” was once common in the realms but is so dangerous that it was hunted to near extinction. Arathas live on the flesh of creatures they hunt by thought and scent (they especially prize the flesh of halflings, owl-bears and brain-moles), and roam the wilderlands of the realms. They are tireless hunters who will eat meat in a pinch and are greatly feared by rural folk for their toughness and abilities.

An aratha has a large purple to brown carapace with upswept horns or points, four long, clawed tentacles and six hairy legs. Few creatures other than scavengers eat arathas – their flesh has a strong vinegar-like taste. After death an aratha’s carapace softens and rots but the claws can be fashioned into nearly unbreakable arrow and spear points that keep their sharpness well.